Expectations about Covid-19 social-distancing measures in Italy and their impact on compliance

by Guglielmo Briscese, Nicola Lacetera, Mario Macis, and Mirco Tonin Social distancing measures have a central role in the strategy to fight the spread of Covid-19, and they are being implemented in an increasing number of countries. A key element for their success is to ensure that people comply with them. Compliance, however, cannot be taken for granted, as the economic and psychological costs associated with “stay-at-home” orders are substantial. While there may be some adaptation over time (e.g. with the introduction of online lectures by schools), it is reasonable to assume that these costs are increasing with the duration […]

Managing Expectations Is Critical to Ensure Compliance with Stay-at-Home Measures

by Guglielmo Briscese, Nicola Lacetera, Mario Macis, and Mirco Tonin A study of a representative sample of Italians finds that 50 percent of respondents reported having adopted all recommended actions, including staying at home, not meeting people, and going to the grocery store as infrequently as possible. People’s intentions to comply depend on whether the length of the extension matches their expectations (or not) As of today, 30 US states and the District of Columbia have issued “Stay-at-Home” orders in an effort to mitigate the spread of Covid-19, and similar provisions are in place in many countries around the world. […]

Cosa pensano gli italiani dell’autoisolamento

di Guglielmo Briscece, Nicola Lacetera, Mario Macis, Mirco Tonin La maggior parte degli italiani si aspetta una proroga oltre il 3 aprile delle misure di isolamento sociale. È anche pronta a mantenere o aumentare gli sforzi. Ma se la data supera le previsioni di ciascuno cala la volontà di rispettare le restrizioni. Misure efficaci se rispettate L’epidemia di coronavirus ha colpito in modo particolarmente drammatico l’Italia e sta costringendo l’intero paese ad attuare rigorose misure di isolamento per rallentare il contagio. Molti altri stati hanno adottato misure simili e una parte rilevante della popolazione mondiale è soggetta a provvedimenti restrittivi. […]