Why this blog

The blog of the Faculty of Economics and Management is meant to be a place of exchange of ideas on economic, social and political issues. While we especially encourage contributions by our Faculty members, we welcome articles and comments by students and by experts who want to share their views on a particular issue. Articles should take a scientific approach. Opinions should be, as much as possible, supported by evidence. Ideally, we would like to model the blog along the lines of the vox.eu website. Articles and comments will be moderated.
We welcome faculty members to post in the blog their articles intended for a broad audience (i.e., newspapers op-ed, non technical summaries of their research, and so on).
We will publish contributions in each of the three languages of our University.

Contact: schoolofeconomics@unibz.it

One thought on “Why this blog

  1. great blog! and I suggest that we start with a book… Yuval Harari’s Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, is now translated into 45 languages and was featured by Amazon as the “Summer Reading Pick for President Barack Obama, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg” (Harari 2015). The global public has come to appreciate Harari’s grounding of our social exploits not on innate rule-following but on genocide (the Sapiens Sapiens is what is left after they cleansed the earth from other species). The sweeping story told in the book tracks the patterns that “dominated the social lives of early humans” and provides an engaging origin-story that straddles disciplines. And economists, political scientists, philosophers and paleaontologists would enjoy discussing the book and realize that even if their languages are distant, and we live millennia after these early Sapiens, de res nostra agitur.

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